1.    The Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE) would like to inform the public that due to travel restrictions arising from the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic whereby Rwandan community abroad are not able to travel to Rwandan Diplomatic Mission to acquire e-Passports, the phase out of the old passports has been extended to one (1) year. Therefore, old passports will remain valid until 27th June 2022.
2.    The DGIE highly encourages all Rwandan citizens to plan and apply for e-Passport at their earliest possible opportunity.
3.    For more information or clarification, please call +250 722 180 218, +250 722 159 372, +250 722 174 811 or via our social media platforms; Twitter: @Rwandamigration, Facebook: RwandaImmigration.

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