The Rwandan Community Association in London

Brief overview
The Rwandan Community Association in London (RCA London) was the first Rwandan community in the United Kingdom to provide a platform to address issues impacting the Rwandan community in London, as well as at a regional and national level. The objective of the Rwandan Community Association of London is to create a cohesive, integrated, and thriving Rwandan community in London.

The London Rwandan Community features active activities and groups and independent Rwandan-led organisations like Team Rwanda UK, a youth-led football programme that brings together boys and men between the ages of 16 and 35 every week. The Inyange Group teaches Rwandan boys and girls aged 5 to 16 years old traditional dancing and the basics of the Kinyarwanda language. There is the Rwanda Sisterhood Association ( and Ishami Foundation (

We have roughly 1000-2000 members, with 10  percent of them being active.

Point of contact
Eric Murangwa Eugene, Interim Chairman.
Telephone: 07730538729

Gisele Pelosi, Secretary
Telephone : +447971403037

526 Wilbraham Rd,
Manchester, M21 9LD

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