We have had the pleasure to talk to her and get to know a little bit about her and her business. She has been in the UK for nearly 20 years. She’s passionate about jewellery.
Her passion started a few years ago. She would go to affordable places to buy jewellery, have a look at their jewellery but also visit jewellery shops where they sell high-end jewellery. That’s where the idea of creating her own jewellery was born. She looked into affordable lasting metals and how to manufacture.
In 2019 she went to Rwanda and was inspired by the imigongo art and the thousand hills. She then started to make sketches and in 2020 she looked into manufacturers around the world in order to make her dream come true and launched her jewellery line in November. Wanting a change in her life and wanting to make from her passion her job is what made her start a business.


She went to God and asked what she needed to do and prayed about it. God kept showing her designs and giving her more ideas. The year of 2020 was a tough year to many of us because of the lockdown. However it was also a year where we also found the time to think more about our lives and goals. Her inspiration grew even more after watching Rwandan programmes on YouTube talking about Rwanda and the Rwandan culture.
God and her mother were her true motivation but also the fact of representing our beautiful country.
Her business is targeting everyone around the world. She wants to educate everyone about our country and our art. Life comes with many hardships along the way but Nadette didn’t give up. She kept going. Being a new entrepreneur is not easy and especially finding the funding to start a business. She gets to put the money she makes from her day to day job into her business and whatever she sells goes back into her business. Hopefully one day she will be looking into investors.
We asked her what she would like to tell young people out there who want to be entrepreneurs: “Don’t hold back, whatever idea and passion you have, just go for it. Remember that no one else will make your dreams come true. Don’t think about failing. Research and don’t give up.”


Her goals are to open a shop where her jewellery can be accessed and be a successful business owner. She is hoping to travel to Rwanda this year, visit jewellery makers and look into a collaboration. She would like to start up a foundation in order to help jewellery makers in Rwanda and especially help people who are on a very low income.
You can access her jewellery by visiting her website: www.akezajewellery.com



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