This month, Janice Ngirabakunzi interviewed Kevin Ruhinguka, a 25-year-old entrepreneur who lives in Manchester.
Kevin partnered with Thierry Muyobozi and started a Doxa Staffing recruitment agency, which means ‘The Weight of Glory. The agency recruits in healthcare; however, they are planning to recruit in other services as well.
Kevin and his partner started the recruitment agency in November 2020, but the agency launched on the 10th of March 2021.
From a very young age, Kevin always dreamt of being an entrepreneur.
Growing up, he was inspired by his father, an entrepreneur, and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Kevin always wanted to have a positive impact on those around him. He wants to be able to provide jobs so that people can take care of their families. Kevin wants to inspire people. Starting a business was a step towards what he wanted to do.
Even though Kevin is still working as a public servant at HMRC, he finds it very difficult to manage his time, and it can get quite frustrating not to be able to manage his own time.
Kevin would like to share a message with young people who would like to become an entrepreneur as well: “First of all you have to have a vision and a plan of what you want and if you believe in that vision strong enough, take that leap of faith, and It will push you to make your dreams come true.”
Long-term, Kevin would like to expand his business through different parts of the country and impact back home in Rwanda. He wants to partner with locals back home and make a difference, especially in education and healthcare.
Kevin believes that when help is there, we can change and make a positive impact.
Are you a nurse, health care worker or support worker looking for a job in Manchester?
Please visit their website and register today:
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