I started making body cream when I moved to Canada almost seven years ago. The cold weather was so harsh to my skin that no cream I was buying would work with my skin.
My skin would just stay dry. This is how I started going back to mother nature and started mixing natural oils and natural butters. Over the years after many trials and errors, ISA Natural Cream was born. Many people have grown to love Isa Natural Cream. From the UK to Belgium, France, Canada and Rwanda. Please check out my website: www.isanaturalcream.co.uk
I have just created two new products that will be on the website soon. To exfoliate the skin, Isa Natural cream has created a body scrub filled with natural oils and some beard care for the men.
My goal is to sell my products in African shops everywhere around the world and I know with hard work and with the will of God, it will be possible.
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